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Revenue With Tap In Digital

Our cutting-edge, fully managed service excels in helping you generate more sales with your marketing budget. 

From TV, radio, and billboard to other hard to track channels, we ensure every aspect of your marketing is generating the most revenue possible. 


Maximize Ad Performance Through Detailed Marketing Analysis

Marketing leaders often struggle to analyze campaign effectiveness accurately due to difficulties accessing and combining performance data. Tap In Digital helps them streamline data to provide accurate insights and optimize campaign success.

Comprehensive Data Integration

Our system seamlessly compiles all your first and third-party data, giving you a complete view of your marketing landscape.

Advanced Marketing Insights

Dive into detailed analytics offering both general marketing performance insights and modeled insights such as attribution analysis.

Interactive UI and Reporting

Experience our user-friendly front-end UI, designed to display results clearly and allow for intuitive scenario planning and forecasting.


Key Benefits

In our fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead means leveraging every piece of data at your disposal. Tap In Digital brings you the forefront of marketing analytics with data models designed to not only track and analyze your campaigns but transform the effectiveness of your media. Let's redefine the way you leverage marketing data and execute your digital strategies.


Precise Tracking & Analysis:

Dive into the performance metrics of each marketing initiative, even those not typically tracked by standard tools.


Actionable Insights:

Convert data into strategic insights to optimize your outreach and client acquisition efforts.


Customized Reporting:

Get tailored reports that align with the unique needs of personal injury law firms.


Competitive Edge:

Stay ahead in a highly competitive field by leveraging data-driven marketing strategies.


Data to inform and transform.

Tap In to your data.
Power your marketing strategy and increase its effectiveness.

Leverage the full spectrum of the Tap In Digital platform to identify the impact of otherwise unquantifiable marketing channels. From TV, radio, billboard, and other offline channels, we ensure every aspect of your marketing is accountable and transparent. 

Analytics Overview

See a holistic view of each marketing campaign.

A customer analyzing data that was produced from the Tap In Digital product.
About Us

Data Science & Analytics.
Marketing. Technology.

Our team of industry leaders boasts executive expertise in data science and analytics, marketing, and technology. With the rapid evolution of digital marketing over the past 15 years, we have successfully enabled companies to transform their marketing strategies, achieving incremental gains even when budgets were cut. Our attribution and proprietary models have demonstrated significant impact, doubling channels and driving growth.

Picture of Kirk Nielson who is the Marketing and Sales leader for Tap In Digital.

Kirk is an industry-recognized, forward-thinking leader in marketing technology (Martech). 

Kirk Nielson

Marketing & Sales Leader

In his marketing executive roles, Kirk has applied his skills to deploy martech solutions that enable internal processes (lower costs), enhance customer experiences (build brand equity), and drive business growth (increase revenue). Lean on his expertise to help you deploy emerging technologies, enhance martech operations, implement seamless channel experimentation, and enforce smart data models enterprise-wide. 

Picture of Ted Coxworth who is the Data and Product leader for Tap In Digital.

His strategic leadership helps you access and leverage data in unexpected ways. 

Ted Coxworth

Data & Product Leader

Ted Coxworth leads Tap In Digital's data programs and product innovation. His strategic leadership and hands-on expertise enable clients to access and leverage data in unexpected ways. 

Ted's calculated approach has had a remarkable impact on our client's marketing channel performance. Clients benefit from his innovative ideas, approach to guiding budget decisions, and skillful execution of channel mix modeling to drive effective sales outcomes.

Picture of Cody Tibbetts who is the Technology leader for Tap In Digital.

Deep technical knowledge with a visionary approach to creating innovative products.

Cody Tibbetts

Technology Leader

Combining over a decade of technical leadership and product development experience, clients benefit from Cody's visionary approach to building complex tech products through successful implementation. What sets Cody apart is his enthusiasm for data analysis and AI, which helps him efficiently maintain and uncover insights that direct improvement roadmaps. His remarkable ability to transform information into strategic actions will help advance your team's business objectives. 

Picture of Mekenzie Day who is the Client Success leader at Tap In Digital.

Solution-centric approach and understanding of client requirements set her expertise apart.

Mekenzie Daw

Client Success Leader

Clients rely on Mekenzie as a top-notch problem-solver with exceptional strategic planning, project management, and relationship management skills. Her effective collaboration and communication skills ensure that everyone works toward a common goal. 

Mekenzie takes a visionary, solutions-focused approach to future challenges and opportunities. She implements strategies to tackle those challenges beforehand and creates contingency plans to mitigate any risks that may arise.

Under Water

Our Brand Embodied
The Intelligence of an Octopus

Our logo mark, the octopus, symbolizes our approach to your marketing challenges: intelligent, adaptable, and multifaceted.


With the precision and agility of an octopus, we navigate multiple marketing channels, uncover attributable success in your data, and present real-time strategies to ensure peak performance.


Octopuses are masters of disguise and use their appendages' suckers to capture prey. Similarly, we excel at uncovering elusive data points.


The octopus arms represent our proficiency in utilizing a myriad of tactics to track, analyze, report, and generate insights for informed strategy shifts. These arms represent different facets of our approach that work in unison to enhance ROI and streamline marketing efforts.

Logo mark outline for Tap In Digital which is an octopus

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